SlumberPod for the Baby Travel Sleep Win

If you are looking to travel with your baby/toddler AND sleep, the SlumberPod is a must.  This portable blackout pod makes traveling with a baby more restful and less stressful.  We recently started using the SlumberPod, and it has been a game changer for room sharing while traveling. After over a dozen trips with our daughter in less than a year, we know the SlumberPod is a travel essential for room sharing situations and/or instances where you are without blackout curtains. Continue reading on for all the reasons we have deemed the SlumberPod a baby travel sleep essential. 

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SlumberPod is a Baby/Toddler Travel Essential 

If you are planning on traveling with your baby and doing any room sharing, or staying somewhere without blackout curtains, the SlumberPod is vital for you having a good experience.  The SlumberPod truly solves the problem of trying to get a good night’s sleep while room-sharing with your baby or toddler. The SlumberPod allows you to room share with your baby while they sleep in their crib or pack-n-play undisturbed. After many times when we were room sharing (and not using the SlumberPod) and accidentally woke our baby up (who proceeded to the be awake the rest of the night), we will never room share again without using the SlumberPod.  It has been a true lifesaver in any room sharing situation. 

Travel AND Sleep

We really wish we would have found and started using the SlumberPod sooner.  It is especially useful for frequent trips back to Sam’s childhood home where we room share and there are no blackout curtains.  Sleep has always been a struggle in environments like this but now we don’t have to worry about not being able to sleep thanks to the SlumberPod.  

Features we love about the SlumberPod

The SlumberPod is a high-quality product designed with stellar attention to detail.  The mother/daughter duo that came up with this product really designed it right! 

Features we love about the SlumberPod include: 

  • Dark yet breathable fabric
  • Fan pouch to help create air flow in more warm environments
  • Bottomless structure that fit over standard sized pack-n-plays and cribs
  • Ventilation panels and air vents 
  • Baby monitor pouch
  • Zippered window to access baby
  • Portable & compact 

All of these features make it easy to travel with and use the SlumberPod.  It is also ideal to use at home if your baby’s napping area is not dark or you want to be able to access the room without waking them.

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SlumberPod is a portable & affordable solution for getting a good night’s sleep while room sharing. The SlumberPod is truly a lifesaver in any room sharing situation.  Make travel and sleep both possible, buy your own SlumberPod today!

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