How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Flying and Traveling

If you are like Natalie, motion sickness is something you have to be mindful of every time while traveling.  Flying and driving on winding roads (like the Road to Hana, see 5 Stops on the Road to Hana) can both provoke gut wrenching nausea that can really change the mood of your travel experience.  Here are Natalie’s 5 top tips to prevent motion sickness while traveling. 

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1. Stay Cool!

Try to keep your body temperature cool while in any situation that may provoke motion sickness.  Natalie wears lots of layers so she is prepared to cool down at any moment, particularly when flying.  Also, if you do start to feel motion sick, try to get some ice to put on the back of your neck/forehead and drink some cool water.  Nothing is worse than feeling nauseous and hot, so try to prevent it.  

2. Get a prescription for Meclizine

Taking this medication 30 minutes prior to any motion sickness provoking activity should help make your motion sickness less intense, if not completely prevent it.  You should be able to get this prescription from your primary care provider at a routine visit or annual exam (if the provider deems it appropriate).

3. Do not read and avoid screen time 

Anyone who gets motion sick knows that reading can cause/exacerbate motion sickness. Avoid reading while flying and driving.  Also, do not work on your computer or watch movies during take-off.  Try listening to relaxing music and looking forward in the distance on a stable object instead.  This avoidance of activities is difficult for Natalie, because she likes to be productive, but it is much better than getting sick.  Once mid-flight, you might be able to watch a movie or work on your computer but do this at your own risk.  

4. Have peppermint candy on hand 

Peppermint candies, like these, are the easiest thing to have on-hand to ease your stomach but you can also take as a capsule or drink as tea.  You can also try peppermint essential oils.  This scent should help relax you and lessen your nausea. 

5. Hydrate and do not eat anything heavy or greasy an hour before you fly or drive. 

Make sure you hydrate!  Drink lots of water as dehydration will only make any motion sickness much more intense.  Small, frequent meals will be much easier on your stomach as well.  Avoid anything heavy or greasy and stick to more bland foods.  

And sometimes, none of the above work. Unfortunately, sometimes only stopping the motion sickness provoking activity helps (and sometimes, this is not an option). Do you have any other tips for helping with motion sickness while flying and/or traveling?  We’d love to hear from you.  Leave us a comment. 

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