Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip

In early 2020, I took a girls trip to Texas to see the HGTV Fixer Upper sensation Magnolia Farms: The Silos with my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law.  Although we did not meet Joanna Gaines like I’d hoped (such a shame since I think we’d be best friends), we still had a great time.  We visited not only The Silos but also Dallas, Waco and San Antonio.  This Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip makes for a great extended girls weekend.  Plan your own Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip using the itinerary below. 

Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip
Magnolia Farms

FYI: This post was written based on a trip taken in early March and was written by Natalie 

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Day 1 Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip: Arrive in Dallas

You could alternatively start your trip in San Antonio and do this itinerary backwards.  Check prices in/out of both airports and figure out what plan works best for you and/or is most cost effective.

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Add-on Activities in Dallas

We arrived later in the evening this day but if you arrive earlier in the day, consider some other Dallas activities such as the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (for the historic buff/JFK enthusiast) or the very green Klyde Warren Park. Although we did not have time for these activities, we have heard great things about each.  

We stayed at Marriott Dallas DFW Airport in Dallas.  It was away from the main-drag but there was a park near-by that my sister-in-law and I enjoyed going for a run to in the morning.  Please see How to Book Accommodations on a Budget for more tips on booking accommodations. 

Day 2: Explore Bishop Arts District, Drive to Waco

Bishop Art District 

Bishops Art District
Bishops Art District

The next morning, drive to the trendy Bishop Arts District in Dallas to explore the cute independent shops and restaurants here. Try to arrive here after 10am as most of the shops do not open until then.  Spend the morning and early afternoon getting lost in the eclectic boutiques.  All of the stores in this area are small businesses with really fun and unique products. 

Bishops Arts District Shops
At one of the shops in the Bishops Art District

Our favorite shop was Mosaic Makers Collective.  Each of us bought several items from this shop filled with handmade all female-designed goods. Definitely make sure you check this store out!  On the main street, there is also a funky knick-knack store, a wild antique store and an earthy outdoor store.  Budget several hours to explore them all!  

Bishops Arts District
Tribal All Day Cafe

Once we were done shopping, we ate a delicious brunch at the modern Tribal All Day Cafe.  The atmosphere and decor at this cafe makes it feel high-end (yet it is not too pricey).  Order a drink and enjoy a fun brunch! 

Drive to Waco

After brunch, start your drive to Waco, about 1.5 hours from Dallas.  Once we arrived in Waco, we spent some time driving around getting oriented to the area.  The main attraction in Waco is really Magnolia Farms.  

Pokey O's Ice Cream Sandwiches Waco
Pokey O’s

Restaurant options in Waco are limited when it comes to unique places to eat (there are plenty of chain restaurants).  We ate a simple dinner at a local pub, Cricket’s Draft House and Grill, with an extensive beer selection.  After, we got epic ice cream sandwiches from Pokey O’s Waco.  We drove around for awhile looking for the mobile truck that sells these but after not finding it, we called them and they actually came right to our hotel.  Talk about customer service! Definitely try these homemade ice cream sandwiches out.   

We stayed at Hotel Indigo Baylor in Waco. This hotel was very modern and had a nice gym to workout at in the morning.  It also was within walking distance of Magnolia Farms which was a huge plus since it can be difficult to find parking there. 

Day 3: Breakfast at Magnolia Table, Explore Magnolia Farms The Silos, Drive to San Antonio 

Magnolia Table 

Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip
Magnolia Table

The next morning, we started our day with Breakfast at Magnolia Table.  The menu here is simple but full of classics made of only the freshest ingredients.   We found it to be very yummy and filling!  

Tip: Try to get here a little after 7am so that you are not waiting for a table.  Also, this restaurant is located a couple miles from everything else at The Silos (counterintuitive to what we expected).  You will have to drive here but there is plenty of parking. 

Magnolia Farms: The Silos

Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip
Magnolia Silos

After getting our Texas farm breakfast fill, we headed to Magnolia Market.  Instead of eating at Magnolia Table, you could alternatively get coffee/pastries at the Silos Baking Company.  When we arrived here around 9am, the line for this shop was around the block so we were glad we had already eaten.  However, the baked goods looked amazing through the window! 

Explore the different shops on the property and consider playing some games in the green space.  This shop is home to all types of rustic farmhouse items you see on Fixer Upper.  Although all of the items in the shops are really neat, they are certainly pricey.  If you are looking for some Magnolia items on a budget, check out the Magnolia Outlet shop (used to be their regular shop until they got so big), Little Shop on Bosque.  

Once you’ve gotten your Fixer Upper fix, start your drive towards San Antonio, about 3 hours. On the way, you can consider stopping in Austin, about ½ way to San Antonio.  You could just stop for lunch or even make it an overnight stop if you want to break-up the trip up more.   


If BBQ is your jam, consider stopping at the Salt Lick BBQ for lunch.  There are several locations of this restaurant throughout Texas, including Dallas.  Another fun idea for a day in Austin would be to take a Food and Beer Tour by Bike or a Landmark and Taco Tour by Bike.  We did not have time for either of these but I love anything that involves tacos and/or a food tour.  See Why you Should take a Food Tour While Traveling.

Day 4 Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip: Explore San Antonio

River Walk

San Antonio River Cruise
San Antonio River Cruise

Take the next day to explore San Antonio.  The river walk here is the main attraction.  If you want to learn a little bit of history about San Antonio and ride on the river, take one of the Narrated River Cruises.  The colorful river walk is fun to walk along as well.  There are tons of restaurants to choose from along the walk.  I’d recommend finding whatever type of food you are craving this evening.  We really enjoyed eating some Mexican food right on the river and there were plenty of Mexican options. 

Accommodations in San Antonio and The Alamo

San Antonio Riverwalk
San Antonio Riverwalk

We stayed at the Hotel Contessa right on the Riverwalk. This hotel is a very pretty hotel with a nice happy hour that you can enjoy right next to the river.  From this hotel, you are able to easily explore the river walk and walk to the Alamo.  Go see the Alamo to say you saw it, but it is really just a landmark and if you do not have time for it, you won’t be missing much.  

Add-on Activities in San Antonio

If you have more time in San Antonio, consider visiting the pretty San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden or swimming at the very clear, blue Jacob’s Well.  Jacob’s well is about an hour outside of San Antonio and you could alternatively stop here on your way from Waco/Austin. 

Day 5 Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip: Fly Home

Fly home either on the night of day 4 or early on day 5.  

We hope this guide helps you plan your own Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip.  Anything you’d add to our Magnolia Farms Texas Road Trip guide?  We’d love to hear your feedback and questions.  Please leave us a comment!

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