Why You Should Take Your Dream Trip Now

Why you should take your dream trip now

If you have a dream trip you have always wanted to take, take it now!  Or at least start planning it. We have heard every excuse in the book–I’ll go when I retire, I’ll go once I finish school, I’ll go when I have more time, I’ll go when I pay off my mortgage, I can’t get enough time off of work, I have too many kids, my kids are too young, right now’s too busy, etc.   In reality, there is never going to be a ‘perfect’ time and you are never going to be able to see everything. However, go explore and experience what you can! Stop making excuses, if you want to travel, make it a priority and make your dream trip happen now.

Now, we are not saying drop all your responsibilities and blow all your money.  It may require some creativity, but you do not have to spend a lot of money or time to take a trip. You are the only one who can make change in your life so stop rationalizing why you can’t travel and figure out how you can.   If you’re not convinced yet, see our top reasons below as to why you should take your dream trip now.

You’ll Never be as Young as you are Today

Why you should take your dream trip now

Seriously though, you will never be as young as you are today.   You want to hike in all the National Parks?  No better day to start than yesterday.   As morbid as it sounds, physical activity only gets harder and more dangerous as you get older.  For example, when we were in Zion National Park hiking, we passed a couple, in their upper 70s, looking defeated and sitting on a rock next to a hiking trail, only about a ¼ mile into it.  The lady said to us “Goodness, I wish we were young like you so we could really enjoy this.”  This comment really drilled home how lucky we are to be making time to hike as many National Parks as we can now. 

Please see Zion National Park Quick Guide for more information on visiting Zion.

Life’s Too Short & No Day is Guaranteed 

Why you should take your dream trip now

Likewise, life is too short and no day is guaranteed.   We all know some otherwise healthy person who got in a car accident, had a stroke, got diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at a young age, etc. and now is permanently disabled or even worse, dead.  If there is a place you want to go, make it happen.  Waiting until the “perfect time” is just an excuse.  Stop making them!  Live your life as though tomorrow or next year may not exist.  

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You Never Know when a Place you want to Visit may be Gone or Destroyed 

Why you should take your dream trip now

Wildfires, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, global warming, the list goes on.  You never know when the place you want to go may be destroyed by a natural or human cause.  For example, the recession of Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska is really profound and sad.  Some of these natural wonders may be gone before you make time to see them.  Make time to see them now!

Please see Kenai Fjords National Park and Seward, Alaska Quick Guide for more information on Exit Glacier (pictured above is the glacier recession).

Never know when a World-Wide Pandemic may Occur

Why you should take your dream trip now

Oh 2020, how you taught us so much. Never, ever did we fathom the COVID 19 pandemic would occur and have us all on lockdown in Spring of 2020.  Now, it is unlikely we will have another pandemic in the near future but one thing this pandemic has taught us is you never know what tomorrow will bring.  We still may have some travel restrictions but take this time to explore the places you can see. Plus international travel is making a comeback.  We already have 3 international trips booked this year. G is going to get good use of her passport.

Have we convinced you yet to start planning your dream trip now?  Carpe Diem! 

Here are some ways to “force” yourself to commit to a trip

  1. Request vacation before you know where you are going (we often do this!)
  2. Book flights and then plan your trip (we often do this too!)
  3. Determine trip budget, then plan accordingly (weekend trip vs longer more distant trip)
  4. Add social pressure.  Tell family and friends you are going before booking to add social pressure to encourage you to book
  5. Make a list of the top 3 places you want to visit and figure out how you can make those trips happen (we do this at the beginning of every year) 

Any reasons you’d add to our list of why to take your dream trip now?  We’d love to hear your questions and feedback.  Please leave us a comment.  

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