2 Week Norway Road Trip

Norway is the perfect combination of stunning scenery, cute family farms and historic picturesque towns. It seemed that everywhere we looked there were stunning mountain and lake views, making it the perfect place to take a road trip.  We spent 2 weeks in Norway on a road trip from Oslo traveling through the fjords and the Southern half of the country. We are excited to share our itinerary with you!  On it, you’ll see plenty of stunning fjord scenery, complete some of the most iconic hikes in Norway and visit some of the most picturesque cities Norway has to offer.  Want to start planning your own Norway road trip?  Here is our 2 week Norway Road Trip itinerary.  

2 Week Norway Road Trip

FYI: This post is written based on a trip in late August/early September.  We took this trip with our 12-month-old daughter.  For all our baby travels tips and tricks see our Top 10 Baby Travel Tips, 5 Top Baby & Toddler Flying Tips and our How to Hike with a Baby post. 

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Start/End Road Trip in Oslo

Start/end your 2 Week Norway Road Trip in Oslo.  This road trip could also be modified to start in Stavanger and end in Alesund or Bergen.  However, that will likely come at a much steeper cost (due to one way rental car fees and more expensive flights in/out of these cities) and realistically may not save you all that much time when you factor in the time of added layovers.

2 Week Norway Road Trip Overview: 

  • Day 1: Travel Day to Oslo
  • Day 2: Arrive in Oslo, Drive South Coast
  • Day 3: Drive to & Explore Stavanger 
  • Day 4: Hike Pulpit Rock
  • Day 5: Hike Kjeragbolten
  • Day 6: Hike Bonhasvant 
  • Day 7: Hike Trolltunga
  • Day 8: Drive to & Explore Bergen
  • Day 9: Take the Flam Railway, Drive to Folkestad 
  • Day 10: Hike Galten in Folkestad 
  • Day 11: Explore Runde, Visit Loen Lake
  • Day 12: Geirangerfjord
  • Day 13: Drive Back to Oslo 
  • Day 14: Travel Day Home    

Day 1 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Travel Day to Oslo

We started our trip in Chicago and took an overnight flight, with a layover in Stockholm, en route to Oslo.  If flight schedules allow, stay in Oslo the first day and rest up before starting your 2 week Norway road trip.  With having an overnight flight, we were a tad exhausted and quite jet lagged by the time we got to Oslo. 

Day 2: Arrive in Oslo, Drive South Coast, Stay in Kristiansand

Arrive as early in the day as possible in Oslo.  We had a flight delay and arrived around 12:30 PM.  Ideally, we would have arrived earlier to get more of a jump start on the day and to have more time to explore the South coast.  However, if flight schedules do not allow for that (as they did not during our trip), you’ll still be able to explore a decent amount of the south coast this day.  

Pick up your rental car and start heading south. Looking to save on a rental car?  See our How to Save on a Rental Car post for our rental car tips! We got a rental car for only $220 for our 2 week road trip (and that included insurance).  

Important Note about Ferries and Tunnels

Note that on this road trip, due to all the different fjords and mountainous terrain in Norway, you will take many ferries and tunnels.  We found this to be super cool and unique!  However, be aware that most of these ferries and tunnels cost a toll.  Our rental car had a pass on it that simply charged these tolls to the rental car company and then we paid the rental car company at the end of our trip once all these tolls were processed.  There is no option to even pay cash at the toll so you must have one of these passes.  For our two week road trip, we spent about $180 on tolls. Given what a great deal we got on our rental car, we did not find this cost to be too steep.  

Drive South Coast

Southern Norway is a popular vacation destination for Norway natives but most foreigners often bypass it. Don’t be one of them! The drive from the Oslo Airport to Kristiansand takes about 4-5 hours (depending on traffic). To break up the drive, stop at some of the picturesque towns along the way. Below are some of our favorites! 

Risor, Norway

Risor is one of the best preserved wooden towns in Europe.  This town is not only very cute but also very small so you don’t need too much time to explore it.  We simply liked walking through the white wooden buildings in the town center and along the harborfront.  Everywhere you look in Risor looks like a postcard. 

Arendal, Norway

Another charming and picturesque waterfront town on the Southern Coast of Norway is Arendal.  In Arendal’s Old Town, bright flowers are popping out of window boxes along the wooden houses.  Arendal is bigger than Risor so there are more restaurant and store options here too. 

Explore and Stay in Kristiansand 

Kristainsand is the biggest city in the Southern part of Norway. The city is laid out in a grid pattern, making the old town easy to explore.  In the northern corner, Posebyen, is the largest collection of low, connected wooden houses.  These wooden houses felt quintessentially Norway to us.  We also walked around the waterfront and harbor outside of the city center.  Here, we explored the Christiansholm Festning, a circular fortress that is more decorative than defensive.  We also explored the main town square.  By simply walking around the city center of this city, you’ll get a good taste of it. 

We stayed overnight about 15 minutes outside of the city center at this Kristiansand Airbnb.  With having a rental car, we were able to get a better deal driving a little ways outside of the city.  After a long day of travel, we were very grateful to have a spacious Airbnb like this one. 

Day 2 Norway 2 Week Road Trip Map

Day 3 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Drive to, Explore & Stay in Stavanger

Drive to Stavanger

This drive will take you about 3 hours and 30 minutes.  On this drive, you have the option to stop at the southern coastal town of MandalMandal is the southernmost town in Norway with wooden houses similar to the ones seen in the other Southern cities we mention above. 

Explore Stavanger Old Town

Stavanger Old Town is composed of 173 quaint wooden buildings, making it Europe’s largest wooden-house settlement still in existence.  All of these wooden buildings were built in the 1700-1800s.  The cobblestone streets of Stavanger Old Town certainly make it charming too.  We simply liked walking around the waterfront and through the neighborhoods with the wooden houses.  There also is a street in the city center that is lined with delicious authentic ethnic restaurants. We enjoyed some really good Indian food here at Nora’s Kitchen.  We chatted with a couple that drove all the way from Odda (3+ hours) to eat here so we are not the only ones who thought it was good.  The butter paneer was our favorite dish. 

Stay in Stavanger Overnight  

Many people use Stavanger as a homebase to explore Lysefjord, particularly to hike Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and Kjeragbolten on this fjord.  You also can take a boat from Stavanger to explore Lysefjord from below.  We recommend not spending more than one day/night in Stavanger in order to cut down on some drive time when hiking and traveling to both Pulpit Rock and Kjeragbolten.  There are many cute cottages to stay at in between both along the way.  

We stayed at this Airbnb in Stavanger for the night.  From this Airbnb, we were able to walk into the city center on a paved path through some charming residential neighborhoods. Being able to access the city center so easily and through these local neighborhoods, we got a real taste of local life during our visit.  Rest up tonight before completing your first iconic hike tomorrow. 

Day 3 Norway 2 Week Road Trip Map

Day 4: Hike Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), Drive Towards Kjeragbolten 

Hike Pulpit Rock

Today, hike to the iconic Pulpit RockPulpit Rock, also called Preikestolen, is an impressive rock that towers 2000 feet (600 meters) above Lysefjord.  This larger-than-life rock was featured in the movie Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation in 2016.   Hike through a beautiful forest and along the fjord before reaching Pulpit Rock itself.  This trail is one of the most hiked trails in Norway given its proximity to Stavanger and relatively short length (4.6 miles round trip, 1150 feet of elevation gain, out & back). See our How to Hike Pulpit Rock guide for all the details.  

Tip: Try to get an early (or late afternoon) start for this hike to avoid the crowds at Pulpit Rock

If you have to eliminate one of the hikes on this itinerary due to time or other constraints, this would be the first one we would cut.  The views on this hike were great but the crowds were not. In comparison to the other trails we hiked on this trip, the crowds were a bit extreme at Pulpit Rock

Stay between Pulpit Rock and Kjeragbolten

We highly recommend staying at Fidjeland Hytteutleige between Stavanger and the Kjeragbolten Trailhead.  These cute cabins are located less than an hour from the Kjeragbolten trailhead and the location allows you to get a jumpstart on your hike tomorrow. They are conveniently located right off the main road yet in a peaceful, tucked away farm setting.  This was the perfect cozy cabin for the three of us.  There also was a fun swing in the backyard our daughter enjoyed. 

Day 4 Norway 2 Week Road Trip Map

Day 5 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Hike Kjeragbolten, Drive to Odda

Hike Kjeragbolten

This morning, drive about an hour to the Kjeragbolten trailhead.  Kjeragbolten is one of the most scenic and exhilarating hikes you will ever complete.  The views and challenge (using chains) to reach the summit, combined with stepping out onto the terrifying yet thrilling Kjerag rock (boulder in between two large rocks with an over 2400 foot drop into the fjord) makes it a hike you will never forget.  The adrenaline rush from it is truly invigorating.  The hike is 7.5 miles (12 km) with 1870 feet (570 m) of elevation gain and is an out & back hike.  See our guide on How to Hike Kjeragbolten for all the details on this hike.  

Drive towards Odda

After you finish hiking Kjerabolten, head towards Odda, the closest town to the very iconic Trolltunga hike.  Stay in/near Odda for the next 3 nights. 

We stayed at this Airbnb in Lofthus, about 30 minutes outside of Odda, and found it to be the perfect homebase for the next three days.  Staying outside of Odda, compared to in town where accommodation prices are absurdly inflated, allowed us to get more bang for our buck with our stay.  This Airbnb is located on an operational farm and located just off the waterfront of the Fjord.  When we booked this Airbnb, we had no idea that the below pictures would be our view from the dock/windows.  What a lovely unexpected surprise! Our host here was so kind too.  She even gave us the most delicious plums we have ever tasted that were fresh from the farm.

Day 5 Norway 2 Week Road Trip Map

Day 6 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Hike Bondhusvatnet

Hike Bondhusvatnet

This hike is a must-do near Odda.  It is had the best effort to nature enjoyment ratio we completed in Norway.  This 2.9 mile (4.6 km) out and back hike with 603 feet (180 meters) of elevation gain offers stunning lake, mountain and forest views.  When you arrive at the lake, there are several picnic areas where you can relax and take in the views.  FYI, it costs 100 NOK to park here.  

Fun fact: this hiking trail originally served to transport ice from Bondhusvatnet glacier down to the fjord in the 1800s 

Prepare for Trolltunga Hike

After completing this short yet stunning hike, take the rest of the day to prepare for your longest trek on this itinerary to the iconic Trolltunga tomorrow.  If you need groceries, get them in Odda before heading back to your accommodations for the night.  There are several large grocery stores in Odda and none in Lofthus.  

Day 6 Norway 2 Week Road Trip Map

Day 7 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Hike Trolltunga

Hike Trolltunga

Today, get an early start to drive to the trailhead of the iconic Trolltunga hike. This was about a 50 minute drive from our Airbnb in Lofthus.  Hiking Trolltunga was truly a dream come true.  When we saw a picture of the summit of this hike many years ago, we knew we had to hike it.  

Trolltunga is one of the most challenging yet memorable hikes you will ever complete. It is, at minimum, 12.4 miles round trip with 2600 feet of elevation gain (length determined where you park and start).  The summit of this hike, Trolltunga rock (a rock that juts out from a mountain over stunning Lake Ringedalsvatnet named “the troll’s tongue”) makes it unlike any other hike we have ever done before.   Stepping out onto the Trolltunga rock with our daughter is something we will never forget.  For all the details on this hike Trolltunga see our How to Hike Trolltunga guide. 

Looking for great hiking boots?  Here are links to the ones we’ve used for 8+ years and highly recommend: Men’s Keen Waterproof Hiking Boots & Women’s Keen Waterproof Hiking Boots

Day 7 Norway 2 Week Road Trip Map

Day 8: Drive to Bergen, Steinsdalfossen & Tvindefossen, Stay in Voss

Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall 

Today on your 2 week Norway Road Trip, leave your lovely Lofthus accommodations and drive from the Odda area to Bergen (just under a 3 hour drive).  On the way, stop at Steinsdalsfossen, a waterfall visible from the road that is along the route to Bergen.  Although visible from the road, be sure to get out and explore this waterfall since you can walk behind it.   It was fun to walk behind this waterfall where our daughter loved seeing the water cascading above us, and it was a nice, quick way to break up the drive a bit.  There is a restroom and gift shop/small restaurant here as well. 

You will pass some other waterfalls along your drive to Bergen.  Feel free to stop at those and stretch out your legs too.  Although less popular, we found some of these roadside waterfalls to be even prettier than Steinsdasfossen, maybe because we were usually the only ones at them.  

Explore Bergen

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway after Oslo.  It is a coastal town that used to be a German settlement and it rains almost 300 days per year here.  We were lucky enough to visit on a very clear and sunny day with no rain. The cobblestone streets and 14th century wooden buildings along the harbor make Bergen a picturesque and charming city, so much so that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The list of things to do in Bergen is endless. For a more comprehensive list of places to visit, please see our friend Christine’s Blog Post The Best 8 Things to Do in Bergen.  We choose to explore the waterfront, the fish market and take the Funicular to Mount Floyen.  

Bergen Fish Market 

The Bergen Fish Market along the waterfront has many different restaurants and stands, all with the freshest seafood.  We love seafood and unsurprisingly, loved exploring and eating here.  The chef at the restaurant we ate at gave our daughter a giant cleaned clam shell, and she really had fun playing with it.  We tried whale for the first time too which Sam equated to tasting like a fusion of beef steak and white fish.

Floibanen (Mount Floyen Funicular) 

For the best views over Bergen, take an 8 minute funicular ride up the hillside of Mt. Floyen. The funicular takes you up 1050 feet (320 m) above sea level and departs every 30 minutes. Once up here, you can walk around, eat at one of the restaurants or play at one of the playgrounds. We had so much fun playing at the playground here with our daughter. One of the parks had a giant zipline swing that we each had a lot of fun riding on (without a baby of course).  We felt like little kids again.  The cafe located just after you get off the funicular has really good soft serve ice cream too.  We are huge suckers for ice cream and this soft serve did not disappoint. 

There are also plenty of hiking trails up on Mt. Floyen and you can choose your own path on these trails.   With all the other spectacular hiking we did not feel the need to hike here much.  However, if we were spending more time in Bergen, Mount Floyen would be a great escape from the city.  Our friends over at Love Hard, Travel Often put it perfectly when they said Mount Floyen is a ‘Nature Lovers Disneyland’.  You really could spend days up here. If you are looking for an added workout, you can hike up from the bottom instead of taking the funicular as well.


After spending the afternoon in Bergen, drive towards Voss and stop at the Tvidefossen waterfall along the way.  Tvidefossen is a 499 feet (152m) high waterfall that cascades over a receding cliff.  It is a roadside attraction meaning you just drive up to it and no hiking is involved. 

Fun Fact: In the 1990s, Tvindesfossen got the reputation for rejuvenation and people from all over the world would come to fill containers with its water.

Stay overnight in Voss

Tonight, stay in Voss.  It is about a 1.5 hour drive to Voss from Bergen, and this will set you up well for the next day.  This is the Airbnb we stayed at in Voss.  We liked the location and being able to relax at the nice accommodations here after a long day of traveling and exploring.  

Day 8 Norway 2 Week Road Trip Map

Day 9 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Flam Railway, Drive to Folkestad 

Wake up today and start to drive towards Flam.  On the way, consider stopping at Stalheim Hotel for views of Naeroydalen valley from the rear patio. You can walk straight through the lobby to access the outside.  Order a drink from the restaurant here and soak in the views.  We stopped in the early morning and really think it is only worth a stop if you are here in the afternoon when the valley will be lit up.  Otherwise, we found the views to be very similar to other ones throughout our road trip.  

Another stop you can make is at the Njardarheimer Viking Village in Gudvangen. Over the summer, this community actually lives as vikings did 1,000 years ago and are not costume performers. It costs about $20 per person to enter. 

Flamsbana Railway

Drive about 45 minutes from Voss to Flam to ride on the famous Flamsbana Railway.   This train ride takes you 20 km from Flam to/from Mydral.  On this ride, you will travel through 20 tunnels and 2,850 feet of elevation.  The views are really spectacular, and this is a great way to see the countryside of Norway if you are not doing a road trip.  Many people who disembark from large cruise ships that port in Flam take this train ride. 

Tip: For the best views on the train, get there early and be ready to be one of the first to board the train.  Get a window seat on the right (when facing away from the train station) with a window that also opens.  This will allow you to take the best pictures and see the best views without a window obstructing your view.  We were a bit turned off to how getting on the train was a bit of a mad rush for the best seat though.  

Note: Heaps of Tourists Take Away from the Flamsbana Railway Experience

In sharp contrast to most everything else we did on this road trip through Norway, even more extreme than the Pulpit Rock hike, the Flamsbana Railway was an absurdly busy tourist attraction.  You board the train hundreds of yards from where large cruise ships port, leading to its popularity. Over 1 million people take this train each year so do not expect to have the train to yourself by many means. In fact, if you want to get a window seat on this train, you’ll need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure and try to get on the train right away. 

That being said, we would do this train ride again but only for the sake of our daughter.  She loved this train ride and she was literally glued to the window watching the scenery the whole way.  With her being 12-months-old at the time, this was nothing short of adorable.  However, we felt we got just as good of views driving elsewhere throughout our 2 week Norway road trip and without the crowds.  We find crowds to be mentally exhausting and if you do as well, you may want to skip this one.  

If you are interested in taking this train ride, visit the Timetables and Ticket Reservations Flamsbana link here.  Be sure to purchase your tickets weeks in advance as, with how popular it is, many times fill up beforehand. There are activities, such as ziplining, at Mydral and you can ride a bicycle or hike down if you want to make a longer day out of it.

Drive to Folkestad

After riding the Flam train, start your drive (about 4.5 hours) to the quaint town of Folkestad.  

Laerdal Tunnel

On the way, you will drive through Laerdal tunnel, the world’s longest tunnel (15.2 miles). In fact, on this road trip you will pass through hundreds of tunnels but none nearly as long as Laerdal.

Bøyabreen Glacier

Be sure to stop at Bøyabreen Glacier on your way to Folkestad.  This Glacier is just off the main road.  Take a short walk down to Glacier and feel the coolness radiating from it.  Also, be sure to stop at the restaurant on-site that has arguably even better views of the glacier from inside.  We loved the panorama windows here that highlight the glacier.  

Folkestad Airbnb

Next stop is the off-the-beaten path town of Folkestad.  We loved our stay in the quaint town of Folkestad.  Folkestad is not a tourist town, and it truly is really only locally owned farms here.   Our Folkestad Airbnb, the guesthouse on a family owned farm, overlooked the Fjord was the perfect little cottage to spend the next two nights.  Our host here was so personable and had so many great local recommendations.  We felt like family staying here.  This Airbnb had everything we needed for a comfortable stay too.  Also, this Airbnb was a less than 10 minute walk from the trailhead of where you will hike tomorrow.  It was so nice to just be able to walk out the front door to get to the trailhead.  We truly loved this Airbnb.  

Day 10 Norway 2 Week Road Trip:  Hike Galten in Folkestad 

Galten Hike

The next morning walk or drive (less than 5 minutes) to the Galten trailhead.  Galten, AKA mini Trolltunga, is a unique rock covered in greenery that juts out of the mountainside over Dalsfjord. This picturesque spot is still relatively unknown.  When we hiked it, we truly had the trail to ourselves and the hike was nothing short of spectacular.  We highly recommend getting off the beaten path, stopping in Folkestad and hiking Galten when you are in Norway.  See our How to Hike Galten guide for all the details on this hike.

Tip: If you need groceries, be sure to check the Folkestad grocery store hours.  This is a tiny town with one grocery store with very limited hours.  

Day 11 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Explore Runde, Visit Loen Lake

Explore the Island of Runde

The next morning, drive to RundeRunde is an island off the west coast of Norway with just over 100 residents.  It is famous for bird viewing on its dramatic seaside cliffs throughout the summer (June-early August).  Although we visited Runde outside of bird watching season, we found it to be very neat to see the cliffs even without the birds. The island itself is very quaint and peaceful.  Speaking with the locals added to Runde’s small town charm.   Hiking to/around the seaside cliffs was a highlight of our time in Norway.  See our Hiking in Runde Norway guide for all the details on hiking around this island. 

Tip: When driving to Runde, be sure to check the ferry schedule to Volda (you have to cross the Fjord on this ferry to drive to Runde).  We drove on a Saturday morning when the ferry only left every 40 minutes.  We arrived 1 minute after the ferry had departed and we had to wait 39 minutes until the next one came.  Had we known this beforehand, we likely would have relaxed at our Airbnb a bit longer or gotten going a little quicker in the morning.  Luckily, this was the only spot on our Norway roadtrip where we had to wait more than 20 minutes for the next ferry and our daughter enjoyed walking around the dock while we waited. 

Visit Lovatnet Lake

Next, drive from Runde through Loen and Lodalen Valley on your way to Geirangerfjord.  This area is so pretty and looks like a scenic painting everywhere you look.  Visit Lovatnet Lake in this valley.  This lake is different from most in Norway as it has a unique turquoise green/blue lake and was the prettiest lake we saw on our two week Norway road trip. 

At Lovatnet Lake, you can spend as little or as much time as you want.  You can rent paddle boards, go hiking (most trails not right on the lake) or eat at one of the restaurants along the lake.  At this lake, the highlight of our time here was seeing some cows grazing and drinking in the water.  Our 12-month-old daughter liked mooing at the cows, and it was so cute.  This was the first time she had said ‘moo’ and when we knew story time was finally paying off.  

Drive to Geirangerfjord 

After visiting Lovatnet Lake, make your way to Geirangerfjord for the night.  This town is nothing short of stunning.  Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO world Heritage site and is the inspiration for Arendelle in Frozen making it literally a town out of a fairytale.  Geiranger has less than 300 year-round residents and less than 20 kids go to the school here.  Once kids turn 16, they are sent to Alesund for schooling and live in an apartment on their own at this time.  

Fun Fact: This town will inevitably be destroyed by a Tsunami, but it is heavily monitored so that the town should have 72 hours to evacuate 

Stop at Viewpoints Driving into Geirangerfjord

On your way into Geirangerfjord, stop at as many viewpoints as you please.  There are many viewpoints along the road.  However, in our opinion, the BEST viewpoints of Geiranger and Geirangerfjord are from hiking.  We really only recommend stopping at the Flydalsjuvet viewpoint on your drive into town. However, stopping at more viewpoints along the road is a great option for people with limited mobility or who do not want to hike for their views.  Note, some of the viewpoints (such as Dalsnibba) cost money to access (Flydalsjuvet is free).   

Dalsnibba Viewpoint 

Look straight down over Geirangerfjord as this spot has the highest views of the valley and Geirangerfjord.  

Note: it costs approximately $27/car to visit this spot so it is only worth it to visit on a clear day and if you are planning to do any hiking in the area, you will likely get better views doing that. 

Flydalsjuvet Viewpoint

One of best-known photo ops in Norway with its dramatic mountain plateau view high above Geiranger town and Geirangerfjord.

Fun fact: If you have ever seen a classic picture of Norway, chances are, it was taken here.  It is one of the most photographed spots in Norway. 

Stay Overnight Geriangerfjord 

We stayed in a one bedroom cabin at Grande Hytteutleige og Camping.  From this cabin we had lovely views looking into Geirangerfjord.  Looking onto the fjord while enjoying your morning coffee/tea is not a bad way to live life.  The cabin had been recently updated and had everything we needed for a relaxing stay. This was also the most economical spot we found to stay at in Geirangerfjord.  We had to clean the cabin ourselves before we left but all the supplies were provided, and it did not take long.  We saved hundreds of dollars staying here rather than elsewhere as accommodations in Geirangerfjord were much more expensive than other towns in Norway.  

Day 11 Norway 2 Week Road Trip Driving Map

Day 12 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Geirangerfjord 

After getting a good night’s rest and waking up overlooking Geirangerfjord, head out to explore Geiranger and Geirangerfjord for the day.  

Eagle Road Viewing Platform

In the morning, we drove up Eagle Road to a viewing platform with impressive views of Geiranger and Geirangerfjord.  This unique zig zag road was directly next to/above our accommodations, making it an easy morning outing.  Just after the platform, on the road, there was a small waterfall with a rainbow over it that our baby thought was magical.  Behind the platform, there is also a short hiking trail you can take to another small waterfall. 

Geirangerfjord Cruise and Hike 

With only being in Geirangerfjord one full day, we knew we needed to find the best ‘one & done’ hike in Geirangerfjord.  We are so happy we found out about cruising on Geirangerfjord to Skagehola and then hiking back to Geiranger from there. 

In the morning, take a cruise along Geirangerfjord where you will get cool views of Eagle Road, several waterfalls and the fjord itself from the boat.  The hike to Skagefla starts after you get dropped off at Skagehola (shore below Skagefla where the trail starts).  Then, you hike up to Skagefla and then return down the same way to be picked up by boat or hike back into town.  

Hike back to Geiranger

Most people hike up to Skagefla, have a picnic and then hike back down to get picked up by a later boat.  However, we highly recommend hiking back to Holmberg (and then on the road back to Geiranger) rather than just taking the boat the same way back.  Some of our favorite views were past the farm at the highest elevation of the hike over Geirangerfjord and on the way into Holmberg where you get amazing views over Geiranger. Also, there were so many fresh wild blueberries and raspberries to eat on the trail, making the hike a bit sweeter.   

The hike is in total about 5 miles with 1800 feet of elevation gain.  The cruise to Geirangerfjord can be booked here and costs 550 NOK/person.  See our Where to Hike in Geirangerfjord guide for more details on this hike. 

Day 13 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Drive Back to Oslo

Drive Back to Oslo

Today, drive back to the Oslo Airport area.  It will take you about 5.25 hours on the fastest route.  Many people opt to take a bit longer, supposedly more scenic, route through Beitostolen that takes about 6.5 hours.  However, we felt there were plenty of other scenic viewpoints throughout the trip and we wanted to drive the shortest route.  Along the way on the route we took via Rv15 and E6, we saw some very pretty lakes.  We truly felt all the driving on this trip was gorgeous.  This night, we stayed at this Airbnb near the Oslo Airport.  This Airbnb was a great place to do some laundry, cook a meal and pack up before flying home early the next day.  

Day 13 Norway 2 Week Road Trip Map

Day 14 Norway 2 Week Road Trip: Fly Home from Oslo 

Return your rental car and fly home today.  We loved our Norway road trip and were blown away by this country’s beauty.

General Norway Tips

Foods to Try

  • Brown Cheese: a Norwegian culinary speciality made of whey, cream, goat & cow’s milk. In our opinion it tastes like a creamy caramel flavored cheese. 
  • Fish Soup
  • Fish Cakes

Not Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothes

We hope this guide helps you plan your 2 week road trip in Norway.  Anything you’d add to our guide? We’d love to hear your feedback and questions.  Please leave us a comment!

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