How to Save Money on a Rental Car

Use Autoslash to save money on a rental car! Autoslash is our go-to website we use to find and book rental cars.  And, no, we are not sponsored by Autoslash and this post contains no Affiliate links. We just think it is that good! 

Save Over 25% on Rental Cars Using Autoslash

On average, this website saves us upwards of 25% on a rental car. For example, when we traveled to Alaska, we saved over 40% on our rental car through using Autoslash and a free Emerald Club Loyalty Program membership. (See Alaska Road Trip: The Perfect Guide) .

On Autoslash, you input where, when and what type of rental car you need.  You also select all the different loyalty clubs you are part of (Emerald Club, Southwest Rapid Rewards, etc.) and other pertinent memberships (Costco, AAA, etc.) before submitting this information to the website. 

After this information is entered, you are sent an email (within a couple hours) with the best rental car options that exist for you.  You can then reserve a rental car but typically no payment is due until you pick it up. 

Sign Up for Autoslash to Monitor for Better Deals

You can also sign up for Autoslash monitoring and if Autoslash finds a better rate for your rental car after you book it, you will get an email and then can change your reservation.  We have saved $50+ before on our original booking price with Autoslash monitoring.

We highly recommend using Autoslash and we now use it exclusively to book our rental cars.  

Do you have any other tips on how to save on a rental car? We’d love to hear your feedback and questions. Please leave us a comment!

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