Savannah with a Baby or Toddler 

Savannah is a magical place to visit with your baby or toddler.  With streets lined with large live oak trees covered in pretty Spanish moss as well as historic antebellum homes, Savannah, Georgia’s picturesque charm is in no short supply.  To make the most of our time in this delightful Southern city with our baby (4 months old) and toddler (2 years old), we sought insight about visiting with little kids from as many local parents and fellow parent travelers as possible.  We loved exploring Savannah with our kids and know our ‘Savannah with a Baby or Toddler’ guide below will help you enjoy your time here with your baby and/or toddler too.    

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FYI This post is written based on a trip taken in early December when the temperature was between 55-75 degrees fahrenheit. We took this trip when our daughter was 2 years old and our son was 4 months old.  For more information on exploring with a baby, please see our Top 10 Baby Travel Tips, How to Hike with a Baby, 5 Top Baby & Toddler Flying Tips and Flying with a Baby posts. 

Wormsloe State Historic Site

Our first ‘Savannah with a baby or toddler’ recommendation is to visit the Wormsloe State Historic Site.  This is a really beautiful place for the whole family to visit!  The stunning entrance lined with over 400 live oak trees covered with Spanish moss makes for a magical drive into this old plantation site. After driving down live oak avenue, be sure to stop in the visitors center and go to the museum to see a video that outlines the history of Wormsloe. 

Once on the grounds, explore the old house ruins, gravesite, docks (be sure to listen for the pistol shrimp here) and living history camps.  During our visit, the living history camp area was holding a Christmas special where a reenactment of a Christmas celebration typical of the colonial time was being held.  Our toddler really enjoyed this (the Christmas caroling in particular) and was even able to write a letter to Santa here.   

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler

Note, if not baby wearing (easiest option), a jogging stroller is preferred here.  We were able to navigate the trails with our non-jogging stroller (aka our airport stroller) but a jogging stroller would be greatly preferred with the many roots on the paths (especially if you decide to hike the extended 2.5 mile wooded path).  We recommend this structured backpack carrier for your toddler and Ergobaby carrier for your baby if wearing your kids.  For more detailed review on these, see our How to Hike with a Baby post. 

Cost: Adults $11.25, Seniors $8.50, Children ages 6-17 $5.00, Children under 6 $2.50.  This historic site is about 15 minutes outside of downtown but definitely worth the drive.

Forsyth Park & Brunch at Collins Quarters

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler

Our next ‘Savannah with a baby or toddler’ recommendation is to visit Forsyth park.  This is a pretty large green space best known for its large fountain and sidewalks lined with beautiful live oak trees dripping in Spanish moss.  The homes around the park are stunning (and large!) as well.  We loved strolling through the park here to see the trees and then around the perimeter to see the adjacent mansion homes.  Our toddler’s favorite spot unsurprisingly was the extensive playground in the park. 

To make the most of your visit to Forsyth park, visit on a Saturday morning to enjoy the farmer’s market and then get brunch at Collins Quarter right off the main square in the park.  We loved being able to dine right in the park and the food here was really delicious too.  Collins Quarter tends to have a wait (a sign of tasty food) but you can walk around the park or have your kids play at the playground (directly next to the restaurant) as you wait.  We saw many babies and toddlers eating Brunch here on a Saturday so you will likely be in good company with your baby and toddler. 

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler: Visit Tybee Island

Our next, and one of our favorite, ‘Savannah with a baby or toddler’ recommendations is to visit Tybee Island.  We loved our visit here!  Even though we were visiting in winter and it was far too chilly to swim, our toddler loved searching for shells, watching the waves crash on the shore and playing in the sand. If you plan to walk along the beach here, either plan to let your toddler run or baby wear.  There are plenty of playgrounds throughout the island as well.  

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler

We liked that Tybee Island felt more laid back and was much less crowded than downtown Savannah.  Tybee Island is about 20 minutes outside of Savannah and is connected to the mainland by a bridge.  Stop in at the visitors center on your way onto the Island to pick up a map and get insight on any special happenings that day. 

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler: Visit the Squares

Another favorite ‘Savannah with a baby or toddler’ recommendation is to visit all or some of the 22 squares located in the heart of the city.  These squares are essentially small parks with paths surrounded by stunning live oak trees and different monuments.  Each is slightly different yet all are very picturesque.  They were originally developed to act as a public space for people to gather and build community in the different neighborhoods of Savannah.  

Our favorite square was Chippewa Square.  This square was made famous in the Forrest Gump movie for the ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ scene.  The paths at these squares are wide leaving plenty of room for a stroller or toddler to run.  Again, a jogging stroller would be preferred to explore the streets of Savannah as the sidewalks are a bit rough but we were able to navigate them with our non-jogging stroller carefully. 

Tip: To explore these squares, park near Independent Presbyterian Church (207 Bull St Savannah Georgia 31401). Per our local Airbnb host (and we concur), this is one of the best and easiest spots to find parking.  

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler: Dine at a Causal Local Restaurant 

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler

The food scene is huge in Savannah and there are so many scrumptious restaurants here.   We tried a new place each day and were not disappointed with any of the places we ate.  Some of our favorite places to eat in Savannah with a baby or toddler included Collins Quarter (discussed with Forsyth park recommendation), Starland Yard (casual, different food trucks and yard games, pictured here) and Foxy Loxy (casual tacos/cafe with bookstore).  Each of these places had a casual atmosphere and room either at the restaurant or nearby for our toddler to play/run. They were also all budget friendly.  

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler: Get Coffee/Tea at a Local Shop

Beyond a hopping food scene in Savannah, the coffee shop scene is also grand.  We loved checking out different coffee shops.  There seems to be a cute coffee shop on almost every corner of this city!  One of our favorites included Bitty & Beau’s Coffee (employees with special needs). The staff was so kind here to our toddler and baby! 

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler: Visit Bonaventure Cemetery

Another one of our ‘Savannah with a baby or toddler’ recommendations is to visit Bonaventure Cemetery.  This is an interesting cemetery to walk or drive around because of the VERY large and elaborate gravestones here. This cemetery was made famous in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  We drove around here while our baby and toddler napped in the car. However, you could easily push a stroller or baby wear around the grounds. You can spend as little or as much time as you want here.  If driving, 30 minutes is more than enough time here.  

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler: Oatland Island Wildlife Center

Our next ‘Savannah with a baby or toddler’ recommendation is to visit the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. This is such a fun Savannah activity, especially if you have kids!  Here you walk on an about 2 mile wooded path, stopping at different native animal exhibits along the way.  This was a fun way to get outside, get some movement and see a lot of different animals. 
Our toddler loved seeing the armadillo and cougar here particularly.  We were easily able to navigate the paths here with our non-jogging stroller yet a jogging stroller would be prepared to go over some roots on the trails.  

Cost: $5 adults, $3 kids 4+ years, Free less than 4 years

A hiking (and cost) free alternative to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center is visiting the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge located northwest of downtown Savannah.  This 3 mile drive allows you to experience some wildlife of Savannah from the comfort and safety of your car.  This is a great alternative for anyone not up for walking at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center.  

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler: Eat/Shop at City Market

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler

This pedestrian shopping street is a fun place to get something to eat and do some shopping in Savannah with your baby and/or toddler. This is an especially great activity with a toddler because you do not have to worry about cars.  As far a food, be sure to get a $4 giant slice of pizza to-go from Vinnie Van Go-Go’s.  In the words of our toddler, ‘it’s a BIG piece of pizza.’  During our visit, the City Market was decorated for Christmas with holiday special events going on that our toddler loved. 

Walk River Street and/or Boughton Street

If you are interested in shopping in Savannah, these streets have you covered with many unique local shops and boutiques.  The river walk also has some street performers in addition to shops.  We honestly found the hoopla to be a bit much down here but our toddler loved it. If you are already downtown, these streets are worth a visit. Important note–we found many of the shops and intermittent cobblestones on these streets hard to navigate with a non-jogging double stroller but baby wearing it would be no problem.  

Savannah with a Baby or Toddler: Savannah Children’s Museum

Savannah Children’s Museum is an awesome museum for littles.  It is entirely outdoors and has over a dozen exhibits that your little will love.  There is not much for a baby here but your toddler will be in heaven and we loved that it was outside. It is important to note that the Savannah Children’s Museum is only open Wednesday-Sunday. 

What to do Savannah  with a baby or toddler FAQs

Where to Stay Near Savannah? 

We found this Charming Savannah Airbnb to be the perfect place to stay as a family of four.  The location, spacious layout, modern updates and charming touches make this home the perfect Southern escape for anyone visiting Savannah, especially with a baby or toddler.  Read our Where to Stay Near Savannah, Georgia guide for more information on why we loved this place. 

Is Savannah stroller friendly?  

It completely depends on where you are and what you are doing.  That being said, we brought our stroller pretty much everywhere we visited in Savannah and were able to manage using it everywhere we went.  Some places it was easier for us than others.  See our guide above for specific recommendations at each place.  Leave us a comment or send us a DM if you have a specific question about using a non-jogging stroller versus jogging stroller versus baby wearing at any place mentioned here.  

We hope this guide helps you plan your trip to Savannah with a baby or toddler.  Anything you’d add to our guide? We’d love to hear your feedback and questions.  Please leave us a comment!

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