Hideaway Duffel: Carry-on Bag EVERYONE Needs

We recently started traveling with the new Hideaway Duffel made by No Reception Club. This maximum sized carry-on bag makes organization while traveling so easy and really impressed us with its functionality.  We truly think the Hideaway Duffel is a game changer traveling, especially with littles. We have taken the bag on three trips thus far (including 2 road trips and 4 flights) and do not plan to take any future trips without it.   Read on for more on why we love this bag and are recommending it to anyone (kids or no kids) as the best maximum sized carry-on bag.  

Hideaway Duffel

Next Level Organization

The Hideaway Duffel really makes organization a breeze.  This bag has a built-in packing organizer (The Cubby) that allows you to keep things separated and easily visible.  This packing organizer creates a portable closet within the bag and make it easy to see everything you have packed, unlike using packing cubes.  

We have a new 3 month old and a 2 year old who both have a lot of little clothes we have to pack each trip.  This bag has kept all of our kids’ items organized throughout our trips and has acted as a portable closet for them.  We never have had to truly unpack the Hideaway Duffel while traveling as we are easily able to see all of their clothes without unpacking them.  It is refreshing not having to rifle through piles of clothes or packing cubes to get to anything.  

Here is an example of how we packed (pictured above) our Hideaway Duffel for a 4 night road trip (where we would not have access to laundry):

  • 4 pairs of infant pants/onesies
  • 10 infant sleepers
  • 5 infant swaddles
  • 2 muslin blankets
  • 2 infant hats
  • 1 infant bunting
  • 6 burp cloths
  • 4 toddler pajama sets
  • 4 toddler shirts/pants
  • 1 toddler fleece pullover
  • 1 toddler mid jacket
  • 1 busy board
  • 4 board books
  • 18 pairs of infant and toddler socks
  • 1 silicone bib
  • 1 pair toddler shoes
  • Toiletries, Elvie pump/charger and 20 infant diapers in the outside pockets (not pictured above)

Dirty and Clean Clothes Easily Kept Separate

Further, this built-in packing organizer can be collapsed down at the end of your trip . You then can place all your dirty clothes in an included laundry bag and keep them separate from any clean clothes in an odor resistant laundry compartment.  The odor resistant compartment is a collapsible section at the base of the bag that is designed to take up zero space when empty and expands as you fill it with dirty clothing.  No more needing to intersperse dirty clothes with clean ones!  

Hideaway Duffel

Easy Access Pockets

Some other organizational features in the Hideaway Duffel that need to be mentioned are the easy access front pockets.  There are two of these pockets, one that is insulated and one that is not.  These easy access pockets are great for things you need quick access to mid flight which comes in super handy with the littles.  We have stored extra milk in the insulated one and books/extra diapers in the non insulated one.  Also, if you own the sidekick fanny pack diaper bag (as we do and love), it fits here perfectly.  We also think these pockets would be great for adult needs such as a book or cold snack you may want mid flight. 

Makes Going Through Security Easier

Beyond unparalleled organization, the side pocket on the Hideaway Duffel where the Dopp Kit (toiletries bag by No Reception Club that can be hung up) fits perfectly makes going through airport security so much easier.  And let me tell you, as parents traveling with a new baby and a toddler, we need all the help we can get while going through airport security.  We put all of our liquids in this bag (not just toiletries), which makes it easy to just take the Dopp kit out from this easy access side pocket to go through security.  Getting our liquids out for security has never been so seamless. 


Not only does the Hideaway Duffel make going through airport security easier but it is also comfortable to wear.  We have used several other maximum sized carry-on bags previously and have found all of them to be rather uncomfortable.  After using so many uncomfortable maximum sized carry-on bags, we thought it must not be possible to create a comfortable one.  Thankfully, Gemma and Daniel somehow cracked the code with the Hideaway Duffel.  We love maximum sized carry on bags and use them as often as possible to avoid checking a bag/reduce the number of bags we have to check but previously have always felt punished for doing so with the uncomfortable wear of the competitor bags. Our backs no longer have to suffer with using a maximum sized carry-on backpack thanks to the Hideaway Duffel.  Further, the bag has a luggage pass through we have found very useful to use to place it on a carry-on roller when we are baby wearing.

No Reception Club Delivers Again 

The functionality and comfort of the Hideaway Duffel has us singing its praises.  We already loved the Getaway Diaper Bag and think the Hideaway Duffel matches it in making travel with littles so much more organized and subsequently easier. To read more about why we love the Getaway Diaper Bag, see our The Best Travel Diaper Bag post.  Way to go Gemma and Daniel on creating the perfect maximum sized carry-on bag. 

We hope this guide helps you decide if the Hideaway Duffel is right for you.  We’d love to hear your feedback and questions.  Please leave us a comment!

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