The Best Travel Diaper Bag

As avid travelers and parents, we knew we needed a diaper bag designed with our travels in mind.  When we found the No Reception Club Getaway Diaper Bag, we knew we had stumbled upon something great. This diaper bag has been a game changer for us traveling (and even with day-to-day use).  Here is a breakdown of why we love this diaper bag travel system and why we think it’s the best travel diaper bag. 

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We started using this travel diaper bag once our daughter was 18 months old and wish we would have found it sooner.  For more information on traveling with a baby, please see our Top 10 Baby Travel Tips, How to Hike with a Baby, 5 Top Baby & Toddler Flying Tips and Flying with a Baby posts.

The Best Travel Diaper Bag: Organization Galore and Tons of Space

Have you ever felt like you cannot find anything in your diaper bag? Or that it is just stuffed to the brim with all the things you need? Do you find these diaper bag woes even worse when traveling with your baby?  We felt like this every time we traveled with our daughter (and even on local outings at times).  However, with this travel system, we no longer feel out of control and unorganized when it comes to using our diaper bag while traveling. 

Best travel diaper bag

This diaper bag is truly the best diaper bag for traveling. Knowing where to locate an item quickly is paramount when urgency ensues with your baby (…parents, you know what we mean). This bag has so many compartments and can fit everything you need. One of the compartments is a 3 tier shelf and this is our favorite unique feature. This allows you quick and easy access to items.  This diaper bag even has a waterproof pocket at the bottom designed for anything wet or dirty. This comes in very handy in many situations while traveling with a baby (ex. thanks for having our back during that blowout in the Lisbon airport). 

The No Reception Club Diaper Bag also comes with this helpful insert (pictured below) on how to pack the diaper bag.  This helps demonstrate just how much you can fit in it! 

best travel diaper bag

The Best Travel Diaper Bag: Functional to Use and Comfortable to Wear Anywhere

We most recently used this diaper bag on a trip to the city of Porto, Portugal as well as on a trip to the tropical island of Madeira.   This diaper bag impressed us with its versatile functionality and comfort in these contrasting settings. 

Although these settings greatly contrasted (rainforest hiking versus city excursions), this diaper bag came in handy in both settings.  On our hikes, we were able to organize all our extra clothes, supplies, gear and food we needed. Similarly, we were also able to easily bring all the supplies we needed for a day with our baby out exploring the city by foot.  Not once did the diaper bag feel uncomfortable on this trip and we walked a cumulative of over 100 miles. That’s pretty impressive with all the things the it held for us! 

The Best Travel Diaper Bag: Parents and Babies at the forefront of design

Moreover, this diaper bag is so well designed. You really can tell it was made by parents with kids who understand just all the things you need to bring with you, especially while traveling with a baby.    

Best travel diaper bag

With our No Reception Club Getaway diaper bag travel system, we found it helpful to organize as follows:

  • The top compartment of the diaper bag for toys (kept our rain gear here on hikes)
  • The top shelf of the diaper bag for headphones and snacks
  • The middle shelf of the diaper bag for clothes, books & extra diapers
  • The bottom shelf of the diaper bag for different snack containers or extra adults clothes
  • The side compartment of the diaper bag for a bottle (inside included No Reception Club cooler)
  • The lower compartment of the diaper bag for medicines/other liquids
  • The front pocket for parent supplies
  • The fanny pack for quick diaper changing supplies (2 diapers, small package of wipes, hand sanitizer, passports/tickets in the back).  

No Reception Club Diaper Bag is truly the best diaper bag for traveling and any parents who want an organized diaper bag in day-to-day life.  This diaper bag is an investment yet is worth every penny. 

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