Tushbaby Hip Carrier Review

After having our son and realizing he needed to be held almost constantly to stay content, while also caring for a toddler, I knew I needed to try out the Tushbaby Hip Carrier.  This ergonomically designed hip carrier makes holding your baby easier, which is huge when your baby wants to be held all the time and is literally getting heavier each day.  Now that I’ve had a chance to use the hip carrier for several months, I only wish I would have tried it out sooner and used it when our now toddler daughter was a baby.  This carrier has been a game changer when it comes to not only traveling but also on neighborhood walks and while bouncing/walking our baby around to sleep.  It has also come in handy with our toddler.  Read my review of the Tushbaby Hip Carrier below and see why I think you’d love it too.

Tushbaby Hip Carrier Review

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Nurse/Feed Anywhere with the Tushbaby

Nursing is where the Tushbaby has proven to be most helpful while traveling and on the go.  It acts as a portable nursing pillow that makes nursing anywhere (standing or sitting) SO much easier.  Normally when nursing on the go, my back is killing me and it feels awkward to hold the baby to nurse standing.  However, with the Tushbaby, feeding him while standing is no longer such an inconvenience.  Traveling, I used to bring a nursing pillow to nurse on the plane and at the accommodations of our destination but with the Tushbaby, there is no longer any need for that.  Further, the Tushbaby is actually much more practical to use on the go, completely eliminating the need to bring a nursing pillow traveling. 

Tushbaby Hip Carrier Review: Hold Baby More Easily On The Go

Our son loves being held and really is only content when being held most of the time.  When I would try to go on double stroller walks with my 2 year old, 3 month old and dog by myself, I would often have to pick my son up and cradle hold him in my arms to comfort him, while pushing the giant double stroller and holding onto the dog’s leash.  If I’m painting the picture realistically, this is rather chaotic and despite considering myself to be in pretty good physical shape, my arms, shoulders and back get tired very quickly doing this, making these walks hard to finish.  However, once I got the Tushbaby Hip Carrier, it was much easier to hold my baby, push the stroller and hold the dog’s leash.  I now bring the Tushbaby on all our walks, regardless if another adult is with me to help because if my son does need to be picked up, it is SO much easier to carry him with the Tushbaby. 

Similarly, when we are traveling, particularly at the airport with our double stroller, our baby often wants to be picked up and cradled or outward-facing carried around instead of riding in the stroller.  The Tushbaby makes carrying him, while also managing our toddler and luggage, much easier.  

The Tushbaby is preferable to a more structured front carrier as it allows you to cradle hold your baby more easily, which is exactly what my son wants in many of these situations. Additionally, it is much easier to put him down quickly or hand off to my husband when he is not strapped into a carrier.

Note though that we do not use the Tushbaby hiking as we do not find it useful in that situation. See our How to Hike with a Baby guide for our hiking carrier recommendations.

Travel and Day to Day Carrying Made Easier

I originally wanted to try this carrier out because I thought it would be great for traveling.  And, as mentioned above, it has been great too!  However, I’ve learned I use it more often day to day than I ever imagined.  As outlined above, it has been great on walks but also has been great when walking/bouncing my baby to sleep.  Sometimes our son only soothes to sleep through walking around bouncing.  When this happens, I clip on the Tushbaby and cradle carry him while walking around with ease to soothe him to sleep.  The ergonomic seat and belt evenly distribute my baby’s weight and take the stress off my arms, shoulders and back when I need to do this. 

Tushbaby Hip Carrier Review: Can Use with Toddler

As our son continues to grow, we will continue to be able to use it for him as you can use it from ages 0-3 and up to 45 lbs.  I have also found the Tushbaby to be very handy when my 2 year old daughter wants to walk on an outing but then gets tired and wants to be held.  She prefers this to a traditional carrier that straps her in as she is able to go up and down much easier.  Between my two littles, one of them always seems to be on the Tushbaby. 

Tushbaby Hip Carrier Review: Great Storage

Moreover, the Tushbaby makes it easy to carry other essentials, such as diapers in the storage beneath the seat.  I have found this feature extra handy when traveling.  The side pocket is also perfect to secure a cellphone and easy to access. It’s somewhat like a fanny pack that also allows you to carry your baby/toddler with ease. Further, it folds up and stores away easily. 

The Tushbaby has been a game changer with traveling and everyday life with our second born.  I wish I would have tried this sooner and used it when our toddler was a baby.  I understand the hype around it and recommend it to any new or expecting parent.  If you want to get your own, use the code ALWAYSHAVEATRIPPLANNED for 15% off your order today. 

I hope this review helps you decide if the Tushbaby is right for you.  I’d love to hear your feedback and questions.  Please leave us a comment! -Natalie

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