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Looking for tips on traveling with your baby or toddler, insight on hiking different trails around the world or need a destination guide? Hi, we’re Natalie & Sam (plus 2 littles), the Wisconsin-based family behind the ‘Always Have A Trip Planned’ travel blog, & we’re here to help! Travel has been at the forefront of our lives since we met on a puddle jumper plane in Belize 10 years ago. Now, after visiting 24 countries, 22 US National Parks and 100+ cities, we’ve got you covered! Whether we are hiking through the rainforest in Costa Rica, exploring the countryside of Norway or soaking in hot springs in Iceland, we love the endless adventure opportunities travel affords. Travel does not have to end once you have a baby/toddler, be complicated or break the bank. See our blog posts to make travel more accessible to you. Let us help you always have a trip to look forward to or, in other words, Always Have a Trip Planned!

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Hi, we’re Natalie and Sam!  Travel has been at the forefront of our lives since we met on a puddle jumper plane in Belize in 2013. Whether we are camping in the Sahara in Morocco, hiking through the rainforest in Hawaii or eating fresh seafood in Portugal, we love the endless adventures travel affords.  Exploring new places, meeting new people and getting outside brings us so much joy.

Over the past 10 years, while both working W2 jobs and maintaining a budget, we have traveled to 24 countries, 100 plus cities and 22 National Parks.  We started our ‘Always Have A Trip Planned’ blog to share travel tips and tricks we have learned along the way. One of our favorite ways to explore a new place is through hiking. We have hiked all over the world and you can expect some of the best hiking recommendations in almost every one of our destination guides.

In 2021 and 2023, we added the newest members to our team, our daughter and son. We have continued to adventure and explore the world with them by our sides. Contrary to popular belief, after you have a baby, adventure does not have to end. It may look a bit different but, in our opinion, it is even more rewarding to explore new places with your little ones. No, everything does not go ‘perfect’ traveling with babies but that just adds to the adventure. See our baby/toddler guides for more!

The world is a book and we hope to read as many pages as possible. Sometimes the anticipation for travel is almost as exciting as the actual trip. By always having a trip planned (or, in other words, always having a trip to look forward to), we continue to read the pages of the world and experience the joy that traveling brings.

If you find our blog posts helpful or have suggestions, we would love to hear from you via a comment on the blog or social media.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well as subscribe to our emails below.

Happy traveling and remember, Always Have A Trip Planned!

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